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Jay Abraham

When it comes to business and marketing, you must know the master.

For more information head to his site and really take some time to explore what it means to become a great marketer. Look, anyone can throw up a classified ad into the national inquirer and hope to make a thousand dollars. But if you take the time to learn about your market and end customer you will almost double your chances on becoming profitable.

I Love Business

When it comes to making a profit in any business, there are a few essential items that need to be addressed. This of course before the store front and office supplies have been purchases, and he top subject on this matter is…dollars.

Has this venture produced profits? Without profits you a simply spinning your wheels and taking up space. Now look I understand that most companies don’t see a profit within the first years but there is a reason for that. Just because that is the “norm” does not mean that is the way it should be.

If you are spending money on such vague and damaging words as branding then you are most surely on your way to failing. Branding is for huge entities, with huge budgets to match.

That is how they are able to splatter their message all over the place and become that household name. But in the beginning stages they weren’t worried about becoming a household name, they wanted to make profits! That is how you can build up enough steam and capital to increase your spending budget.

Here is a clip of what billionaires have to say about business and I suggest you not turn a blind eye or ear to them.

Once you put all of your efforts into cutting cost and raising profits, that is when and only when you will be able to go out and begin a mass advertising campaign in order to expand and keep up with the demand for your product or service.

I know some people don’t want to cut costs because it is part of their “brand” but in the beginning you may have to have your American made product manufactured in China. If I’m correct, a recipe is considered homemade if you only add 3 ingredients to a store bought product and I am extremely confident that adding American pieces to an offshore product can give you that title while not burying yourself in debt.

In closing business is about making money first and foremost. Once you have accumulated enough assets and capital then all of the other charitable and true to the heart concepts can be pursued.

7 SEO Marketing Tips for your Business Website

There is nothing more satisfying than for website owners to see their web pages on the top section of search engine results. But most online entrepreneurs hardly achieve this success or simply fail to maintain. With these 7 SEO improvements tips for your website, you will be able to effect the right changes that will bring about business success. Take this page for example of a local Hillsboro vehicle repair shop

SEO Marketing Tips

The social media effect
Social media is getting more and more effective in driving company profiles to the top of the search engine. If you have great content that you know people will like, why not share it on your social media profiles so that people can share it to others too. Create and update social media profiles on Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn, so that people can find your company on search engines through them.

Mobile optimization
If your website is not mobile friendly then you’re missing out big time on the traffic from a population that is always on the move. People now make use of different mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and smart wrist watches, to find news, shop and get entertainment.

Problem-solving content
The age of writing just another article and pasting in on your website is over. Search engines and visitors are now looking for more engaging and high-quality content that doesn’t just fill white space but solve problems. When creating content for SEO make sure have your readers in mind, so that each time they get to you, their problem is solved.

Link building
Search engines love natural links. This is why they have installed sophisticated systems to detect suspicious links and penalize any website, which buys or sells them. Instead of buying inbound links, why not spend the money creating great content that will attract good links and push your site to the top of the rankings.

Site simplicity
Visitors love websites that are easy to use, simple to navigate and load faster. Don’t fill your website with flash and other fancy graphics, thinking it will impress visitors when they come. Your website visitors just want to land on your site, locate what they are looking for, make a decision and then leave. If you waste their time, they’ll just leave you for your competitors and that is not good for business at all.

Videos and other visuals
Search engine optimization now favors websites that are loaded with quality visuals in the form of videos, pictures and infographics. Millions of people search for pictures and videos every day, which can lead them to the main site. So, form the habit of adding videos and pictures along with your text content to boost SEO and satisfy your visitors.

Adding XML sitemap on your website make it easier for search engine robots to index your content and rank them. It also helps visitors navigate your site so that they can get to the exact content they are looking for with minimal clicks.

If you follow these 7 SEO improvement tips for your website and apply the methods religiously, you are bound to hit traffic gold. Just make sure you upload regular high-quality content that will attract search engines and solve visitors’ problems. For a more in depth look at Search Engine Optimization head to this SEO page.